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Huntington Beach Truck Accident Lawyers

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Our firm is committed to representing individuals injured in motor vehicle accidents, including trucking collisions. Speak with a Huntington Beach personal injury lawyer from our firm about your accident. You could be entitled to compensation. Protecting your rights is important; our team at Schneider Overett is here to represent you strategically and effectively.

Regulations from the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration

Federal laws protect drivers in the United States by regulating truckers on the road. Commercial trucks are massive and weigh many times what a passenger car weighs. This puts the driver of a conventional vehicle at an obvious disadvantage when involved in a traffic collision with a large commercial truck such as tractor-trailer or big rig.

The federal government, through a regulatory body called the Federal Motor Carrier Safety Administration (FMCSA), has established a network of guidelines and requirements designed to hold truck drivers and the companies that hire them accountable. At Schneider Overett, we know how to use FMCSA regulations in our investigations and case preparations as we work to obtain you maximum compensation for your injuries after an accident.

These requirements / regulations include:

  • Limiting the amount of hours a driver may be on the road / miles he or she may drive
  • Requiring mandatory rest breaks
  • Guidelines for vehicle maintenance
  • Guidelines for loading
  • Zero tolerance policy for drug and alcohol use

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