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Case Results

    Wrongful Death


    Residential Fire - Wrongful Death

    Pre-Trial Offer - $ 1,000,000.00

    Jury Verdict - $ 2,600,000.00

    Judgement - $ 2,837,733.88 entered on November 12, 2015

    Rear-end Collision


    Client’s pre-existing back condition aggravated in rear-end collision

    Initial offer pre-trial - $ 300,000

    Auto Accident


    Herniated Lumbar Disc With Fusion Surgery

    Pre-trial Offer: $150,000.00

    Auto Accident


    Aggravation of pre-existing herniated disc with discectomy surgery.

    Pre-trial Offer: $300,000

    Wrongful Death


    Wrongful Death During Fire

    Offer during trial: $250,000.00

    Defective Truck

    Truck accident resulting in paralysis.

    Medical Malpratice



    Broken ladder causing fall and herniated cervical disc.

    Auto Accident


    Herniate disc with discectomy surgery.

    Offer: $75,000.00

    Insurance Bad Faith


    Denial of $11,000.00 in benefits.

    Pre-trial offer: $0

    Slip & Fall


    Stacked water bottles fall and injure booth operator at county fair

    Initial pretrial Offer - $ 75,000

    Arbitration awarded - $ 15,000



    Aggravation of pre-existing diabetes from falling water bottles.

    Pre-trial offer: $15,000.00

    Auto Accident

    Shoulder injury with surgery.

    Auto Accident

    Aggravation of pre-existing degenerative discs.

    Premises Liability


    Sprained ankle and back.

    Pre-trial offer: $20,000.00

    Premises Liability

    Broken Hip


    Improper disposal of human fetus.

    Premises Liability

    Broken arm with surgery.

    Premises Liability

    Aggravation of pre-existing degeneration in lumbar spine with discectomy surgery.

    Medical Malpractice

    Medical malpractice leading to respiratory arrest without residuals.

    Premises Liability

    Broken hand/fingers with surgery.


    Stabbing in face / nose.


    Assault by security guards leading to concussion.