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  • Proving Fault and Liability in Car Accidents

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 14-Oct-2016

    Oftentimes, it can be complicated to determine the legal responsibility, often referred to as liability, of a car accident. First and foremost, an accident victim must prove negligence in order to pursue monetary compensation from the responsible party. While it may be obvious who is responsible for a collision, it is not enough to just say it. A victim and their legal counsel, should they choose ...
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  • 3 Important Elements of a Car Accident Case

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 18-Jul-2016

    In a car accident case, or any other negligence claim for that matter, the outcome hinges on whether an individual and their attorney can successfully prove that another person’s careless actions were to blame for the losses suffered by the victim. In this blog, we have broken car accident cases down to three basic elements so that you can better understand what you may expect in your own ...
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  • How to Avoid a Car Crash During the Thanksgiving Holiday

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 21-Nov-2015

    During the week of Thanksgiving, you may notice that streets, highways, and freeways become severely congested. Of course, this is due to the large amount of people traveling to and from their families’ homes. Unfortunately, because of the high volume of traffic during this time, many car accidents occur. In fact, in 2012, 764 deadly car accidents occurred during Thanksgiving weekend ...
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  • Is Bicycling A Safe Mode of Transportation?

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 24-Jul-2015

    When the chances for good weather are high, many people go for bike rides or use a bicycle as a means to run errands. While it is one of the healthiest modes of transportation, it can also be very dangerous. Of course, it is important that bicyclists do everything in their power to ride safely and not out themselves in harm’s way. However, one person can only control his or her own actions. ...
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  • Samsung Trucks Use Cameras to Improve Highway Safety

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 24-Jun-2015

    Samsung, a South Korean company and leader in the technology industry, hopes to improve roadway safety with “see through” 18-wheeler trucks. On the back of each truck, a large screen will display an image of the truck driver’s vantage point, making it easier for motorists to see what’s ahead. If you’ve ever driven on a two-lane highway, you know how frustrating it is ...
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  • Welcome to Schneider Overett's Personal Injury Blog!

    Posted By Schneider Overett || 15-Jun-2015

    Schneider Overett is pleased to welcome you to our personal injury blog! Here you’ll find regular updates about the latest personal injury news, as well as informative posts that can help you protect your right to compensation should you or a loved one suffer harm in a preventable accident. As a firm dedicated to the helping injured victims and families in their fight for justice, we hope ...
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