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Eating While Driving: A Major Behind-the-Wheel Distraction

Posted By Schneider Overett || 26-Aug-2015

You are probably familiar with the phrase “Don’t drink and drive,” but have you ever considered the danger of eating and driving? Most people who consider themselves safe drivers have undoubtedly made the decision to eat in the driver’s seat at least once. As many people should already know, our number one concern while driving should be the road in front of us, but eating while driving remains a popular and dangerous source of distraction.

A study by the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration (NHTSA) determined that those who eat while driving increase the risk of being involved in an accident by 80 percent. Additionally, they found that people who were distracted by food and drink caused 65 percent of “near miss” accidents. These surprising statistics show that eating while driving may be as distracting as texting while driving, or possibly even more so.

Why is it Dangerous to Eat While Driving?

Distracted drivers are more likely to lose control of their vehicles, collide with other cars, or disobey traffic signs and signals. Remember, distracted drivers who cause accidents resulting in property damage, injury, or death could be held liable for their negligence and may face very high amounts of financial responsibility.

Most Dangerous Foods to Eat Behind the Wheel

According to the NHTSA study, some of the most dangerous foods to eat behind the wheel include soft drinks, burgers, tacos, donuts, chocolate, fried chicken, and the worst offender of all, coffee. Of course, eating or drinking anything while driving is risky, but the study identified these foods especially because of their potential to burn, spill, create a sticky mess, or otherwise take your hands and eyes away from the primary task of safe driving. The consequences of distracted driving could end up hurting not only you, but other people on the road as well.

Have you been injured in an accident involving a distracted driver? You may be entitled to financial compensation for damage to your vehicle, medical expenses, and more. Talk to a Huntington Beach car accident attorney from Schneider Overett as soon as possible by calling (714) 294-2822. We offer free consultations!

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